Ericson Laboratoire

Ericson Laboratoire

Ericson Laboratoire

  • Anti-Age Eye Treatment

    This treat is suitable for first signs of ageing, dark circles and puffiness.

    Price : €20
  • Mini Facial

    A basic Ericson facial that includes double clean scrub, tone, mask and moisturization. Products will be used according to your skin type.

    Price : €28
  • Bio-Pure Facial

    A super oxygenating facial treatment that stimulates the cell purification process. A feeling better breathing of the skin, purity and skin tone.

    Price : €45
  • Actibiotic

    A purifying, balancing and anti-hormonal facial. This treatment is suitable for combination, oily and acne skin

    Price : €45
  • Perfection

    Triple action lightening treatment. Genetic reprogramming, depigmenting action, protective action

    Price : €55
  • Fresh Caviar Facial

    Intense rejuvenation treatment that is totally compatible with even the most delicate skin. This facial with the excellence of caviar extracts instantly firm the skin and transform the dullest complexion into luminous skin.

    Price : €65
  • Meso-Vit Facial

    This facial is aimed to treat skin imperfections such as lack of muscle tone, wrinkles, pigmentation spots and hypersensitivity and seeking a more in depth treatment such as the vitamin booster effect is able to give.

    Price : €65
  • Skinjection

    This facial treatment will help to smooth the wrinkles, regenerates and plumps up dry skin.

    Price : €70
  • Geniskin

    An Anti-ageing control systemthat will restore the beauty triangle (high cheekbones & pointed chin). A nourishing, firming and brightening facial treatment.

    Price : €70
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